Well like so many things if you wait long enough your memories will be hazy at best.  Obviously at some point I had these cigarettes and even thought enought to hold on to them.  But I have no idea — outside of some Spanish-speaking country — where I got them.  Maybe Costa Rica?  I took the picture in 2009, or so the dating tells me, but where or for how long I kept these I do not know.


I was originally thinking maybe they were from Perú — or really Bolivia, since when I was in Perú there were a lot of  smuggled cigarettes from Bolivia there which were inexpensive, and at the time I was still smoking.


Benson and Hedges are not the easiest cigarette to find abroad, especially the “American Blend”– though you can get them in Brazil.  But these are obviously not Brazilian cigarettes.  I would smoke Lucky Strike when I couldn’t find anything else — I don’t like Marlboros, which are omnipresent in most markets, so I went with Lucky Strike instead also in Chile, but I don’t think they are from there.  Or maybe they are.


I’m sure I had some great art project in mind with an empty pack of cigarettes from somewhere in South America — I don’t think they are from Spain because the warning isn’t as big or says “Fumar Mata” like I recall in Spain.


Who knows.  And I’ve gotten rid of these so I can’t look at the tax stamp to check.  Well anyway that’s my take on this.2009-04-04-00-53-36


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